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Google Ads is one of the best platforms for quality leads. There is a fundamental difference between search ads and many other forms of advertising. When a customer is actively searching for a product or service, they are a much warmer lead for a business or individual than one who is created via a passive advertising platform such as Facebook. The result is much less time and effort required by a business and much higher conversion rates for sales.

With Ahrens Media Marketing Google Ads Management, we focus on maximizing your ad spend and providing the highest quality google leads as possible. We have worked with nearly all Google ad types such as call only ads and google shopping ads. As a business owner, your only focus will be on working with your high-quality Google leads. We’ll do the active management of the ads and provide you with weekly reports of what’s going on so that you’ll know exactly where your leads are coming from.

Google Shopping Ads Management provide customers with your product right in front of them when they perform a Google search. They’ll see the full-color product image along with price and description. This leads to much higher conversions and depending on the product, average costs per purchase around less than $5.

Google Call Only Ads are excellent for organizations that prefer to schedule appointments over the phone. Live phone leads give a business the best chances of converting leads into opportunities. With property Google Ads Management, your cost per customer can decrease and overall lead quality can increase drastically.

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