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We focus on the best experience possible from start to finish and beyond with your project. We listen closely to your needs, develop a plan, write the code and work with you to improve it as your needs change.

Custom WordPress Development

WordPress powers over 25% of the websites in the world. That means that, on average, one in every four websites you visit is powered by WordPress. The website development software is incredible because, with this much traction, there is a community of thousands of developers working together nonstop to release the latest security patches and feature updates. WordPress is also free which means you can use it in any application, even business applications without trouble.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience with custom WordPress plugin and theme development. We have created everything from powerful process management systems to small custom form modifications within WordPress. Our custom WordPress development service starts with listening carefully to you about your needs within a website. If there is already a script available that does what you need, we’ll help you evaluate and find the best solution. If there is not already a program written, we’ll work with you to create an extensive scope of work then get started on developing a new solution from scratch or tweaking an existing solution.

We work long hours and focus on delivering quality results as soon as possible. Typical custom WordPress development projects take less than two weeks to complete. After a project is completed, we’ll work closely with your organization to ensure everything is running smoothly and help diagnose and fix any bugs (if any.) We’ll also work with you to discover how additional features or tweaks will increase the usability or function of the plugin. Overall, we will never just deliver a product and call it a day. We focus on developing relationships with customers that last a lifetime.

Please get in touch with us if you have an idea for a custom WordPress plugin, theme or something else. We’re available immediately for new custom projects

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Recent Custom Projects

We created a custom WooCommerce Process Management System to allow orders to be processed in order of priority and order status be tracked throughout the warehouse.

We've made a custom WooCommerce & Signifyd Integration plugin that automatically screens all orders for fraud and cancels possible fraud attempts.

We've developed a custom platform and database for Softball players, coaches, and teams for a non-profit organization.