About AM Marketing

Our Goal is to Change the Industry.

We want to show you that hiring a development or marketing agency can be affordable and fun. We help our clients grow by providing affordable and personal care before, during and after all phases of their marketing efforts. We’re a “one stop shop” for jumpstarting your business online. From logo design, to web design, to social media and other marketing, we have you covered. And we’ll be your friend.

Kody Ahrens, Web Developer

Email: [email protected]

Hi There, My name is Kody Ahrens. I’ve been designing and developing websites for over 5 years. I pay close attention to detail and ensure you are informed at every step of the process when creating your new website. I’ve built websites in nearly every industry from restaurants, to ecommerce to school districts. Once your site is completed, I’ll stick around and be available for answers and help for as long as you’d like me.

Isaiah King, Social Media

Email: [email protected]

My name is Isaiah King. Since I was born I’ve always helped people with problems, dreams, and growth. By utilizing Social Media Marketing (SMM), my goal is for you to become known to your clients, you become a competitor, and you are no longer hidden. With countless hours of research into your brand and competition, I’ll maximize your social media efforts.

Local SEO Hero, Agency

Email: [email protected]

Local SEO Hero is a local partner, here in PA, of Ahrens Media Marketing. They’ve demonstrated with our clients and past clients of theirs that they are highly proficient in Search Engine Optimization. They focus on putting your business at the top of sites like Google and Bing locally first, then gradually build outwards until your brand is #1 across the nation.

We’re here to help your business blast off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Personal Care